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Hallow is a first person horror game set in 50’s. Help the village, discover what is happening on the outskirts house. As the priest of the church and with your experience on paranormal cases, the bishop asks you for your help on the case that worries the villagers.


In the 50s, in a distant village after suffering the collapse of the church due to the war, it was rebuilt thanks to the help of the people, in an initiative led by the mayor. Apart from everything there is a house presumably abandoned, where evil dwells.


Solve different enigmas across mayor’s house, try to unmask what happened and fulfill the mission that has been assigned to you, know the story behind these events and let that family rest in peace.

Enter his world, live his feelings and experience as much fear as he would feel it. Hallow, a first person game with all kinds of terror. Can you beat it?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiddenGlowGames

Mail: hiddenglowgames@gmail.com

Web: http://hiddenglowgames.com


Hallow_64.zip 528 MB
Hallow_32.zip 526 MB


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Hi guys, 

really enjoyed the games. The scares were good & got me every time. I hope the game is progressing well & I look forward to playing the rest when that becomes available. Please watch my video. There is some feedback & review of what I played at the end.

This was really good game. I can't wait that you continue the story! I even got scared which was really nice. I didn't find any problems with his game, I found pretty easily all keys. I'm not sure tho did I miss something. Over all I enjoyed a lot! Good job :D


I really enjoyed this game. In the beginning it seemed like it was going to be a standard indie scares game but the sound design was on point and can get far under your skin. Thanks!

¿es una demo o esta completo? ¿esta en español? ¿cuanto dura el juego?

Es una demo o esta completo?

El juego no esta acabado, es una Beta, por lo que le falta contenido.

Esta en español?

De momento solo esta en ingles, pero estamos evaluando opciones i tal vez mas adelante este en español también.

Cuanto dura el juego?

Depende de tu habilidad para encontrar las cosas y del miedo que pases para poder seguir avanzar. Pero actualmente la beta no es muy larga. (15 - 30min)

muchas gracias por responder :)

les deseo suerte con el desarrollo <3

So I've reached a point in the game where I've explored all of the house that I can, there's two locked doors and no apparent way of opening them?

I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do here.

Big fella... you're not alone. *sips tea*

Big fella... you're not alone. *sips tea* (2)

Which doors? We are aware that there is a key that is more complicated to find than the others, so we are working on the feedback of it.